Concert Music for 2011

My music theme for 2011 has been "Music of Joy" - all selections have "Joy" in the title or represent "happy" music. I thought it might be difficult to find these selections, but now I have enough for a second year of concerts on this theme! Currently, however, I am working on a re-dedication program. I originally dedicated the Reuter pipe organ at Nichols Hills United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, in 1963. Now, after renovation and 48 years (!) they requested I re-dedicate the organ playing the same program. Fortunately, I still had the music! In addition to the original program, Nichols Hills will feature the world premiere of a piece composed especially for this event by Callen Clarke, "Meditation" for Organ and Violin with Kyle Dillingham, Violinist. This will be a celebration event and the opening work, Jeremiah Clarke, "Prince of Denmark March", will use the new trompette en chamade! If you're in Oklahoma City Oct 23, come to Nichols Hills at 4:00 PM for a great hour of music.