Successful Concert in Ohio! 

I just returned from Youngstown, Ohio, and a concert at Trinity UMC, on the wonderful, historic Moeller organ 1947/IV/89 refurbished and new console by Schantz in 1987. The organ featured beautiful solo stops and plenty of fire! The audience was enthusiastic and my hosts exceptional. Despite the hard work of setting up a complicated program on a big organ, it was a very enjoyable experience.


Technical work completed and my new CD "MUSIC OF JOY" is in production as of this evening. It is a collection of performance tracks from two performances celebrating my 80th year: Birthday celebration concert at The University of Nevada Las Vegas on May 6, 2011, and performance for American Guild of Organists Region IX convention at First Congregational Church, Berkeley CA - the same venue where I played my AGO competition winner's recital in 1952!!!!

The CD will be available from in a

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Concert Music for 2011 

My music theme for 2011 has been "Music of Joy" - all selections have "Joy" in the title or represent "happy" music. I thought it might be difficult to find these selections, but now I have enough for a second year of concerts on this theme! Currently, however, I am working on a re-dedication program. I originally dedicated the Reuter pipe organ at Nichols Hills United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, in 1963. Now, after renovation and 48 years (!) they requested I re-dedicate the organ playing the same…

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Concerts 2009 

1. May 17, 2009, First Christian Church Las Vegas NV, three manual Allen Renaissance Organ, concert to celebrate my 77th birthday and a Memorial to my father on the 50th anniversary of his death. Program featured music by Buxtehude, Bach, Mendelssohn, Paganini, Reger, Kreisler, Dupre and world premiere of my arrangement of "Canzona" by my father, Roy Wallace Young 2. June 25, 2009, Phoenix AZ, American Guild of Organists Region IX Convention, presentation of workshop "Performing in the Golden Years, Just…

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Concerts 2010 

1. March 22, 2010, "Words of Schweitzer - Music of Bach", Christ Church Cathedral, Las Vegas NV on the new four manual Schantz: J.S. Bach - "Andante from Trio Sonata III, BWV527." 2. May 16, 2010, AGO "Organ Plus", The University of Nevada Las Vegas NV on three manual Von Beckerath: Marcel Dupre - "Variations on Two Themes for Organ and Piano Op.35" and George Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue" with Voltaire Verzosa on the piano 3. Aug 29, 2010, AGO Santa Barbara, First Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara CA on…

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Concerts 2011 

1. March 10, 2011, Still Hopes Retirement Center, Columbia SC - program of Bach, Brahms, Mendelsson and Wagner for lovely audience of retirees on the new two manual Allen in the chapel 2. March 11, 2011, St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Columbia SC - program of Langlais, Bach, Karg-Elert and Messiaen for American Guild of Organists and guests on the fine three manual Schantz pipe organ. Followed organ program with lecture on "Performing in the Golden Years, Just Survive or Really Thrive." 3. March 21,…

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Ready for the New Year 

I'm taking a break from rehearsals for AGO and Church programs of the past several weeks and planning my concert work for the coming Spring Season. Effective practice depends on a well-functioning body and mind, so workouts at the gym are mandatory. Today is the first day of My New Year starting with good practice session before breakfast this morning and gym later this afternoon. Household chores and the ever present messy desk take the rest of my time. Happy Holidays to you all!


Welcome to my new website. This replaces the previous Here are pictures, bio info, concert dates and personal reflections about music, practice, performance and many other observations. Enjoy!